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Volunteer GLBR is your one-stop shop to learn about and register for volunteer opportunities throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Who runs Volunteer GLBR?
As a champion of volunteers, United Way of Midland County is the organizer behind Volunteer GLBR. United Way has a history of aligning volunteer efforts to create impact. It's in our DNA.

How does it work?

This site is two-fold: we help volunteers connect with opportunities, and we help vetted agencies and organizations connect with volunteers. You can filter opportunities by area or organization and find what best aligns with your time, skills and passions.

So why should you utilize Volunteer GLBR?

Volunteering has several benefits:

  • Helps you develop a sense of identity and belonging

  • Builds networks through personal relationships

  • Instills in members a sense of duty

  • Develops community leaders

Volunteers benefit personally from their volunteer experiences in a community:

  • Social contact

  • Sense of duty

  • Self-renewal

  • Learn about the community

  • Enthusiasm for a cause

  • Learn new skills

  • Benefit a friend or family member

  • Bond with others

  • Gain life or work experience

Families often volunteer together to experience:

  • Sharing time together

  • Transmission of values

  • Modeling of compassion and civic engagement

  • Improved communication between members

How does Volunteer GLBR help my community?

In most communities, government and non-profit agencies form the foundation of the support systems for members. Volunteer programs build capacity in these agencies by developing personal relationships between agencies and community members. Volunteers provide an experienced pool of workers and reduce costs, contributing to the efficient functioning of the community's infrastructure.

Volunteering is such a rewarding experience - it feels good to lend a helping hand to others. It's about people helping people. While we may never meet those whose lives we've impacted, they will long remember our generosity and the ways we were there for them. Volunteer GLBR helps you help the community.